I have a new podcast out called Talk About Power. I hope you'll listen!

As one loyal reader reminded me, I sent out only one Chinese Journal Review dispatch in February instead of the twice-a-month target I’d set for myself. But the delay is for a good reason!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working with my friend and colleague Macon Phillips to produce a new podcast we call Talk About Power that looks at social movements challenging traditional power structures around the world.

For our inaugural episode, out today, we look at the world’s largest protest taking place in the world’s largest democracy. For the past 100+ days, tens of thousands of farmers have set up on the outskirts of Delhi to protest three news that the government put in place last summer. Their protests have been met by Internet shutdowns and arrests, but the farmers do not show signs of leaving any time soon.

We talk to protest organizers, journalists, and activists to better understand why the farmers are protesting, how they’re organizing, and explore what this means for India (and the other countries, too, like the US).

Our next episode, out in two weeks, will look at the Navalny protests in Russia. The verdict is out on which country we’ll cover two weeks after that, so please share your ideas, especially if you think there’s a big but underreported story developing somewhere.

I hope you can listen to this first episode. We’re still learning how to pull all of this off, so welcome your feedback. If you’re not ready to commit to the 26-minute episode, a link to a one-minute trailer is here.

I’ll still continue with the Chinese Journal Review. Future translations and summaries coming out in a couple of weeks, back to the intended biweekly cadence. Thanks for your patience. If you’re not already on the list, you can sign up to receive future emails here: